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Hemingway: The Almost-Finding of the Truth and the Spirit

I’ve just finished reading Harold Bloom’s excellent How to Read and Why–a critical exploration of some of the great Western literature, wherein Bloom (a truly expansive, elegant, clear-seeing thinker) shares with the reader his own experience of how and why … Continue reading

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“Getting Better All The Time”: That most painful of delusions.

Just now, I was practicing Sacred Harp songs for the singing I go to every Thursday, and I felt a sudden burst of annoyed impatience that I can sometimes pick up the music quickly, and then suddenly I won’t be … Continue reading

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ANIMAL RIDENS: Striving for the Natural in Augie March

Note: ©2010 Kestrel Slocombe. Written in my junior year at Bennington College, in the Malamud, Bellow, & Roth class taught by Professor Doug Bauer. From beginning to end, The Adventures of Augie March continually returns to the idea of the … Continue reading

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One of my favorite passages from Huckleberry Finn

Sometimes we’d have that whole river all to ourselves for the longest time. Yonder was the banks and the islands, across the water; and maybe a spark — which was a candle in a cabin window; and sometimes on the … Continue reading

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A Taste of Augie March

Following are some of my favorite quotes from that great American novel, Saul Bellow’s The Adventures of Augie March. I studied this novel with Professor Doug Bauer at Bennington College in Fall 2010, in his class “Malamud, Bellow, & Roth” … Continue reading

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Jack on Life

All life is but a skull-bone and A rack of ribs through which we keep passing food & fuel – just so’s we can burn so furious beautiful. – JACK KEROUAC, 1949

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