Notes from Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s “Awareness Alone is Not Enough”


If desire arises because of a particular object, you should stop observing that object. It is not a Dhamma object, it is an object of desire. The object you need to watch in such a situation is desire itself. Watch the feeling that comes with the desire.


I would like yogis to pay more attention to the process of feeling rather than to its pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral quality. Being aware of feeling is more subtle than being aware of its quality; it means being more aware of it as a mental quality.


What is the root of attachment?
What is the root of Ego?

Note to self–Ask Alexis: understanding vs. wisdom.


About Kestrel Slocombe

I like writing, meditation, art, reading, riding horses, playing guitar, watching trees in the wind, ferns, the smell of woodsmoke, Mozart and Bach, long walks in the wilderness, and the sound of the cello.
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