Being the Knowing

So contemplate this ability to know when you think a good thought or a bad thought. There’s an immediate transcendence to that: the fact that you know goodness is good, or badness is bad. To have the wisdom to know to do good, and refrain from doing bad, is a transcendent knowing of the way things are. So actually taking refuge in this transcendent knowing, this deathless reality, or what we call the middle way. So it’s not a matter of trying to realize or recognize the deathless or the transcendent, but it’s a matter of trusting in being that. It’s not a matter of trying to think about it or analyze it–Am I the transcendent, or is that just a bunch of rubbish?–but in being the knowing. Because pure knowing is something you can be, but not become.

– Ajahn Sumedho (full talk here)


About Kestrel Slocombe

I like writing, meditation, art, reading, riding horses, playing guitar, watching trees in the wind, ferns, the smell of woodsmoke, Mozart and Bach, long walks in the wilderness, and the sound of the cello.
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