More Fully Human

There is a Jewish tradition of the zaddik—the holy person. The zaddik differs, it is said, from ordinary people, in that the zaddik is more fully human. In the Christian tradition, Saint Irenaeus says something similar. He says that the glory of God is a human being fully alive. Buddha too was nothing more than fully human. Buddhist teaching stresses that the Buddha is a human being in order to emphasize that we can accomplish what he accomplished. When asked if he were a god or a saint, he always denied both, saying simply, “I am awake.”

To be fully and completely alive, fully and completely human, is goal enough. There is no other sort of completeness or perfection to attain. The plum tree in my back yard can only express its plum tree-ness. No other kind of perfection is available or needed. A flower is only itself. It does not have to strain and struggle to be a flower, but lets its flowerness unfold of itself.

Mindful Therapy (Thomas Bien, Ph.D.)



About Kestrel Slocombe

I like writing, meditation, art, reading, riding horses, playing guitar, watching trees in the wind, ferns, the smell of woodsmoke, Mozart and Bach, long walks in the wilderness, and the sound of the cello.
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