Nothing to reject, nothing to accept

The exceptional approach is to recognize the true nature of afflictive emotions.
When desirous thoughts arise vividly,
looking directly at their essence, they subside in themselves.
This is the dawning of mahamudra, bliss and emptiness inseparable.
It is also called the pristine wisdom of discernment.
There has never been anything to reject, nor to accept,
nor to transform; everything is contained within mind.
Know that there is no other intention of a buddha than simply the uncontrived mind itself.

— from The Essential Points of Creation and Completion That Will Benefit the Beginner Who Has Entered the Path


About Kestrel Slocombe

I like writing, meditation, art, reading, riding horses, playing guitar, watching trees in the wind, ferns, the smell of woodsmoke, Mozart and Bach, long walks in the wilderness, and the sound of the cello.
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