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Why Kurt Vonnegut loved to buy envelopes

Oh, she says well, you’re not a poor man. You know, why don’t you go online and buy a hundred envelopes and put them in the closet? And so I pretend not to hear her. And go out to get … Continue reading

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Chekhov on Happiness

In Chekhov’s story “Happiness” (1887), two shepherds talk to an overseer about fabulous treasure buried somewhere in the vast Russian steppe. We recognize the men’s search for treasure as an allegory on the quest for true happiness. The old shepherd … Continue reading

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Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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Not for Happiness

  Perhaps the greatest delusion surrounding Buddhist practice and non-secular mindfulness is that they bring happiness. They do not. Both Buddhist practice and non-secular mindfulness, when meaningfully realized, can bring greater awareness, understanding, peace, kindness, and liberation. No one said … Continue reading

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