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Goodbye to All That

My heart aches to be there with him. ———GOODBYE TO ALL THAT by Joan Didion——— (1967) How many miles to Babylon? Three score miles and ten— Can I get there by candlelight? Yes, and back again— If your feet are … Continue reading

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Heaven Below

1544. (Emily Dickinson) Who has not found the Heaven – below – Will fail of it above – For Angels rent the House next ours, Wherever we remove –

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The Androgyny of Creativity

Woolf believed that the creative mind is androgynous. She was an expert in Elizabethan literature. She loved both the scope and the certainty of the Renaissance mind. Shakespeare, writing his sonnets to boys and women with equal passion, understanding the … Continue reading

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Only connect…

…the graver sides of life, the deaths, the partings, the yearnings for love, have their deepest expressions in the heart of the fields. …It was the presence of sadness at all that surprised Margaret, and ended by giving her a … Continue reading

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Chekhov on Happiness

In Chekhov’s story “Happiness” (1887), two shepherds talk to an overseer about fabulous treasure buried somewhere in the vast Russian steppe. We recognize the men’s search for treasure as an allegory on the quest for true happiness. The old shepherd … Continue reading

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Trauma Fiction

“Beyond stating the bare facts, trauma cannot speak of itself. If it could, it wouldn’t be trauma. The odd purity of true suffering, in this case, is that it demonstrates nothing.” – Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction (Charles … Continue reading

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The Godliness of Objects

I recently re-read “Talking Forks: Fiction and the Inner Life of Objects,” an essay from Charles Baxter’s book Burning Down The House: Essays on Fiction. To me, the most interesting parts of the essay were when Baxter touched on the religious … Continue reading

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